Ministry is from the Greek word diakonía, meaning to serve. In the New Testament, ministry is seen as service to God and to other people in Jesus' name. Jesus provided the pattern for Christian ministry — He came, not to receive service, but to give it [Matthew 20:28; Mark 10:45; John 13:1-17]. Each of us, as a follower of Christ, is called to serve the needs of one another with love and humility.

Liturgical Ministries

Our parish is eager to welcome members of our congregation who would like to share their gifts and talents and function as a liturgical minister. There are numerous opportunities for involvement at Mass. Please consider in which way you may become more involved in the liturgical life of our parish.

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Mother and a Child

MOMS [Ministry of Mothers] Group

Our parish's MOMS Group is for mothers-to-be through mothers of school-age children. The purpose of the group is both spiritual and social. The moms meet monthly. Moms may bring their child(ren) to the meeting along with a few toys and/or snacks for their own child, or they may leave the child(ren) with a sitter. All moms are welcome to attend. For additional information please call Father Vincent @ (724) 478-4958.

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Music Ministry

Music is an integral part of the Church's liturgy -- much of which is expressed in song. Our parish welcomes the opportunity for our members to share their musical gifts and talents with our faith community and to enhance our celebration of the Mass, as well as other liturgical services.

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Children Singing in a Choir
Female Lecturer

Social and Pastoral Outreach

Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand, the story that all four Gospel writers convey of Jesus’ miraculous power, clearly shows us the way our partnership with God enables us to be the hands and feet of Christ on earth. The young boy has only five barley loaves and two fishes to offer. Yet Jesus takes them, offers thanks to the Father, and distributes them to the people. As Jesus' disciples today, it is our role to offer our gifts to the heavenly Father, as well. Each of us only needs to thankfully give what we have, as the young boy did. Jesus will bless our gifts and return them to us so that we can be His hands and feet in our community. As our parish assists the needy of our congregation and local community, we invite you to offer your particular gifts of time. talent and treasure in service of others. We all have something to give, no matter how small. May we offer what we have, work together, and go out into the world to advance the mission entrusted to us by Jesus Himself.

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Young Adult Ministry

Our parish schedules numerous events for the young adults of our faith community. These events provide the young adults with an opportunity to grow in faith, to stay connected to the parish, and to meet new people that are around the same age. These gatherings include monthly Tapping Theology sessions at a local pub, tailgating and Pittsburgh Pirate baseball outings, cornhole tournaments, etc. All young adults of our parish are welcome to attend.

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Youth Ministry

Our parish's youth ministry fosters a closer relationship between the toddlers, children and teenagers of our parish and Jesus Christ by inviting these young people to enter more deeply into the life and mission of the Church. This ministry includes monthly kids fests, and b-weekly junior and senior high youth group activities and service projects. Friends and new faces are always welcome! Volunteers are always needed. If you are interested in participating in our youth ministry events or helping out, please call 724-478-4958.

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